Perforated Products : Sugar Screen

A. Working screens for batch centrifugal
Fine offers various type of centrifugal screens with precision round holes & slotted perforation & are generally made of brass & stainless steel, can also be supplied with lock lap joints.

B. Backing/supporting screens for batch centrifugal
Fine offers selection of screens which provide excellent support to working screen & maximum flow of molasses-
(a) Wire mesh of brass & stainless steel
(b) Stabbed liner of stainless steel, brass

C. Dovex (R) Type Screens
These are wire woven screens with one side flat (For better support of working screens) & are generally made of stainless steel & brass and are used as backing liner for batch type and continuous centrifugal machines

D. Stainless steel, screen for rotary vacuum mud filters
Stainless steel screen are supplied with accurate precision perforations quality & are guaranteed for flatness & straightness for easy fitting & reliable (high) durabililty.

E. Spares for rotary mud filters
• Stainless steel decking plates
• Polypropylene decking grids
• Caulking or zig zag strips
• Circumferential & center division strips
• Cake wash & mud wash nozzles etc.